Welcome to Nawaloka Hospital Heart Centre

The Nawaloka Heart Centre has achieved highs in heart surgeries since its inception on August 12, 1994. Since the starting of the first private sector Cardiac centre in Sri Lanka, the Heart Centre is proud about their expert Cardiologists to perform the first Coronary Angiogram to the first PTCA of Left Main coronary artery in Sri Lanka.

The Heart Centre is having good machinery and personnel to deal with all situations and many cases rejected by other places, as they are perceived to be high risk, are performed.

The Heart Centre is also first in Sri Lanka to do Beating Heart Surgery using "Octopus", to use Radial Artery (Artery of the Hand) and Right Gastro-epiploeic artery (Artery of Stomach) for Bypass operations.

The hospital has done over 16,000 Angiograms , nearly 3000 Angioplasty and over 8000 Open Heart Surgeries up to now, with the latest equipments. The Nawaloka Heart Centre, the latest Philips Allura Flat Detector Cardiac catheterization Laboratory with Stent Boost, Physiomonitoring is installed in August 2006. The latest Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 and the latest Data scope one-button start-up IABP machine are also the new arrivals to this advanced Heart Centre in Sri Lanka.

Currently more than 98% of bypass surgeries are performed without stopping the heart and without using the heart lung machine, using a device called the Octopus Tissue Stabilizer and have the latest of the kind- OCTOPUS Evolution.

Welcome to Tomorrows HealthCare – Nawaloka Hospitals PLC

Welcome to the future of healthcare in Sri Lanka. With The opening of the Nawaloka New Wing a new era of healthcare has become accessible to all. The ultramodern complex that provides the entire spectrum of patient services that is on par with the world’s best medical facilities.

With the opening of the new wing, Nawaloka Hospital has gained a significant edge over the competition as the single largest private hospital complex in the country

The New Wing at the Hospital has been designed to strategically enhance patient comfort while improving revenue and profitability

The New Wing of the Hospital is an 8 floor super complex which adds an additional 80,000 sq. feet

Arogya Parama Labha

- Health is our greatest wealth.